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700 Years of Brewing great beer

Aktien Brewery (ABK beer) not only proved superior amongst its competitors, it dominated beer competitions from the late 1800’s, and won many awards. We are proud to have maintained such high standards and excellent reputation.


ABK Brewery                            ROKiT House, Kingswood Business Park, Holyhead Rd, Albrighton, Wolverhampton,    WV7 3AU

ABK beer Radler

About ABK Brewery

In the year 1308 the Aktien Brewery in Kaufbeuren, known as; ABK, was geneorously donated to the citizens of Kaufbeuren by a wealthy local baron. In 1325 the Kaufbeuren Brewers Guild was formed was established ensuring only the highest quality beers. It declared that only beers with the best barley, hops, yeast and the purest local waters could be produced in Kaufbeuren. The ABK brewery is still known for its magnificently brewed beers with its strict adherence to this law.



Years of Brewing



Chosen as the Official beer of Oktoberfest 2017  in 24 cities


Customers served at Oktoerfest 2017

1 Million

ABK served 1 million pints of beer at the Oktoberfest 

Only the purest ingredients

spectacular range of beers

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ABK Beer

An iconic Bavarian Brewery

ABK is an iconic Bavarian brewery, offering a spectacular range of beers. Why not try some of our traditional ales

ABK beer Edel

Pilsner Beer

Edel Beer

Hell Beer

Radler Beer


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